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The relationship between art and literature intrigues me. How the pictures the mind conjures from a page of descriptive narrative vary from one reader to the next. My stories begin as a visual, almost cinematic narrative. And so, the act of writing for me is, in part, this attempt to transcribe what I see onto the page. But words are imperfect things. Unlike visual art forms, they can never fully capture the designs of our imagination.


Project Flash

How, then, do different readers interpret my narrative? How close do my words come to creating an objective, singular picture in their minds? Having experimented with writing prompts, seeing a painting or photograph and then writing the story behind the picture, I was curious to see the result in the reverse. I asked a number of artists from a variety of backgrounds, of diverse styles, working with different mediums, to choose from my collection of flash fiction pieces and to interpret them as they wished.

This is Project Flash.

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