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A Light in the Dark

In the dark, Adriano searched in his bedside drawer for the key to the attic. His wife was a light sleeper, and even the faintest shimmer became a bright intrusion into her opaque dreams. He slipped the key into his pyjama pocket and, without difficulty, felt his way through the rooms, then up the staircase. Once inside the attic, he locked the door behind him, knelt down beside the black leather case. With trembling fingers, he opened it and gently lifted her from her velvet bed. Then, raising her to his lips, there in the dark, he let her light shine out.

Art by London based art student Siobhan Lynch. Half Filipino, a tad Irish, and a bit of an obsessive painter. Siobhan’s overall university work looks at anthropomorphism, with a special love for piggies.


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