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Switching on the radio, believing that just maybe, from somewhere, he’d be listening too, sometimes brought him back. On the nights he was gone, she couldn’t sleep at all, so she’d sit in the kitchen listening to the late night radio: talk shows mostly, discussion, points of view. The shows she liked. The same shows he’d have turned off.

On those mornings he was around, she’d make coffee and take it to him. Then he’d roll back the bed sheets, jump up, and fetch the radio. Returning to the bedroom, he’d be turning the dial, and they’d make love to music from far away places. And that’s when she knew that, again, he’d be leaving her.

Art by Istanbul based self-taught artist Deniz Bayram, playing with paint and paper since 2011. She likes to use watercolor on paper, but the fragile nature of the watercolor doesn’t always suit her, so she experiments with other mediums, such as acrylic, oil pastels, and ink.


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