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The Joe Velletri Casefiles

Case #1 The Good Family

Clues at the murder scene of a lowlife opium dealer lead Joe Velletri to investigate a bakery run by the hardworking Levita family. It’s soon clear that the family’s livelihood is being extorted by a corrupt Milanese businessman with ties to the Sicilian Mafia.

After a second murder is committed, in which the Levita’s teenage son Davide is implicated, the detective comes to the family’s aid, but at the risk of exposing his true identity. While hunting, Joe Velletri must avoid becoming, once again, the hunted.

Case #2 The Lost Men

Velletri teams up with journalist Alvise Inchiostro and Chief Inspector Cattaneo when a woman comes forward on behalf of a group of wives whose husbands have mysteriously vanished. Each of the men had been approached by a private organisation promising a better life in New York City. After an ex-member of the Morello gang appears in Milan, Velletri uncovers the connection between the missing men and Don Vito’s band of counterfeiters, spearheaded by a sadistic assassin with a penchant for Toledo daggers. Meanwhile, Madam Xuan’s refusal to allow the Sicilian Mafia to launder money through the Chinese quarter ignites a bloody turf war. As Velletri grapples with duplicity on all fronts, he must contend with his own equivocal identity.


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