Tokyo Diamond

At the Nihonbashi Gate, you glance at the izakaya across the tracks and slip a hand into the side pocket of your yellow raincoat. Then, with the faintest of smiles, you slip it out again and place both hands together in tight fists on your lap. You seem lost in thought when suddenly, in a […]

The Hourglass

I’m looking out the window when a hand rests on my shoulder. I turn slowly. Holding a candle, my sister Lucia steps back.    ‘There’s something you should see,’ she says. Again, I stare out the window, into the darkness. As the eldest, and because my eyes are the strongest, I keep watch. Since last the […]

The Garden

As a child, she swallowed clods of loam soil, followed by smooth pebbles. When left alone she could turn this matter into a garden. And so as she grew, so a softer place grew up inside her: a quiet haunt that had not made a way for words to enter, a world left unspoilt by […]