On Writing

control the world with balance

-          contrast & u-turns

-          do the opposite

-          make the ugly beautiful & the beautiful ugly

-          create bittersweet feeling

the order of perception

-          place the object first and do not freight objects with a character’s subjectivity

-          interference with real things ruins them

-          shift point-of-view to objects without interfering with them

-          concrete geography

relation to things

-          the strongest links to life

-          a significant sight/moment in the moment of its significance

-          conscript the concrete world to a moral idea

-          know why you are seeing something at the moment of seeing it

-          introducing a character through mode of perception

 remove manipulation

-          remove presence of the author

-          state facts, move with the concrete

-          generosity of interpretation – good & bad

-          do not pass through the physical narrator

-          just say it

-          trust your reader

(transcribed in lessons with Rachel Cusk) 


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